Our past thirty nine years has created long lasting partnerships between Video Media Productions and corporate America. We are adding to our page- customer video testimonials. It is time to share what made Video Media and Image Ave, ranked number one in Arizona by the Phoenix Business Journal and Ranking Arizona. In fact We have been in the top 5 in both magazines for over 20 years.
The first Testimonial video is a short overview of many put into one video.

Xyron uses the studio kitchen set for their training and marketing videos. We set up 3 cameras and they then start recording. Here is what she has to say. Xyron Schedules 2.5 days to record hundreds of tips for the website. This is a combo from the team at Xyron. The all wanted to add a bit so here is the clips we put together – Thank you Xyron for your kind words.

Drew is from ProMotion Arts – Working for the Bill and Linda Gates Fondation- They Hired us to manage and crew their project – 12 breakouts coverage and interviews through the two days.
Video Media Provided crews and equipment for the two day Seminar/conference held at the Desert Ridge Marriott. This was the foundations larges meeting to date and Video Media was one of the players that made this project successful . We were proud to be of service.

Mike is from Pearson Digital Learning Group. They schedule days in the studio to produce education films for children 5-12 yrs. They come into the studio and set one day and shoot the next. We are happy to be a part of their succes creating visual learning aids for the children of the USA and the world.
The videos are seen all over the world.

Chris Potter Xyron Marketing Director – His goal is to get in, get the shots, have fun, and go home. He has been instrumental in bringing Xyron’s quality to where is is today.

On Location with a PBS Special shooing in the studios at the Tempe Art Center
“Be Do Have – The Laws Of Attraction” show participants talk about Video Media Productions crew and production at the Tempe Art Center.

Product VIdeo Shoot- Marketing Video –

NELLIE GOLF TRAINING VIDEO- 55 part golf training series –

Karvin Jones – Local TV talent and great guitarist.

The Philosophy: How can we deliver cinema-and broadcast-quality video productions affordably while still making a living? Solving this required extensive research and investment in the latest digital cameras and software which allow for excellent quality while cutting expenses and waste with a streamlined workflow. This makes the operation “lean and mean”—extremely flexible while able to produce a high volume of quality video content in a short period of time.

One of Video Media’s aims is to take a commercial for a local company and produce it to look like a blockbuster or Super Bowl ad, hence its slogan to “think national” in its productions instead of making typical “come on down”-type spots. To sum up the Video Media Productions philosophy in one sentence: “Stellar, Hollywood-quality video production at an affordable price everyone can work with.”

Open Arms
Unlike many other professional video production companies that turn away low-budget projects, Video Media gladly works with smaller organizations to generate eye-catching media from 30 second spots to a series of 30 minute infomercials. Video Media fills the gap between cheap but poorly-made video production and the Hollywood-made content which is monetarily out of reach for even medium-sized companies. High-quality content can now be produced and deployed for any business in any format including Internet streaming, DVD and television broadcast through Video Media Productions.

Complete Creative Solutions
In addition to video production, Video Media’s in-house web design and programming team develops web pages from concept to launch. With this capability, a client can now turn over their ideas and existing marketing assets and receive a total image and advertising make-over including website design, video spots, online streaming, print ad and business card design, and much more.