Your WordPress Site is Important

You’re probably thinking “There’s nothing valuable on my website. No one will bother breaking into it.” What you need to realize is that attackers are going after your visitors. They put stealth code on your website that pushes malware into your readers’ browsers.

According to SophosLabs more than 30,000 websites are infected every day and 80% of those infected sites are legitimate. Eighty-five percent of all malware, including viruses, worms, spyware, adware and Trojans, comes from the web. Today, drive-by downloads have become the top web threat.

— Security Threat Report 2012

So if your site does get cracked, not only do you waste hours cleaning up, your reputation gets sullied, security software flags your site as dangerous, and worst of all, you’ve inadvertently helped infect the computers of your clients and friends. Oh, and if the attack involves malware, that malware has probably gotten itself into your computer.

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