It keeps getting more and more amazing watch this video about the way eyes will control the apps on your mobile devices and games.
THis video break-through makes searching for data easier and keeps the focus on what you are looking for or doing. This will only get better with time, as we can keep the attention of the active viewer on track and not all over the map. I would like to see Phoenix Google mapping completely revamped to fit this technology. As we move through out our daily lives with mobile communication devices it seems strange to have key boards, mice or other devices running the application. The future for video production and corporate communications will be creating videos that are interactive in scope and will take good preproduction skills to work on all possibilities of a project. (i.e. if this then that thinking.)
Directing and Producing this type of video will be challenging. I look forward to this and hope that I am still on this planet when we all can think our videos and not be held to devices.

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