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How do you sell another “insect trap”? The challenge was how do sell a fly trap on TV? How do you get people’s attention? A company comes in that is not even in the business of flytrap’s and they want to know how to market this product? They brought a “fly trap” to us and asked us if we could help them sell this product to the consumer. Their first thought: They wanted a “standard” commercial. If we had done that, we would have left the job of “selling” up to the consumer. Our challenge was to create the need for this fly trap. We had to create the feeling that people could not live without it! In fact, their initial marketing efforts via magazine advertisement and radio were unsuccessful.

Impact: If this product was not successful, the division would have failed, a marketing director would have been terminated and the product manufacturing investment costs would have been at a loss.


Video Media Productions brainstormed and decided to answer the following: “What would make me want to buy this product?” Because VMP understands what people want, we decided on drawing attention to the problem not the product. We exaggerated the problem – the annoyance of “Fly’s”.

The final product ended up being their entire marketing campaign. (Commercial spot, logo, in cap design, in cap point of purchase and attention-getter for the POP video.). The Video Media final product was in actuality (3) unique marketing products in one. First, there was an end-cap POP video marketing the fly trap, secondly, there was an “attention getting” display that invited and enticed the people in retail stores to view the product via an IR chip. Third there was the television commercial.

Product #1:

The POP was a POV of the fly and its’ journey into invading the territory and infecting the food and the environment. How do you train Flies? On location how do you get fly’s to do what you want? The location was critical. The scene had to look like anywhere USA. The “Set-up” was a picnic scenario; we then called on the “trained” flies. We took a spy camera, attached it a 30-foot pole and simulated the flight of a fly. What it would see, what would it be attracted to?, etc. Our goal was to not only entrap the viewer into actually thinking they were the flies, but to create the feeling that the people were the fly. The fly had sound effects, “B52 bomber-like”. That sound would draw people into watching the video. It had to be short, attractive and wanting. During the process of close-ups and incredible editing, we were able to leave the viewer with the fact that they had the fly’s POV. Through the use of POV and third person filming, we were able to show the problem. The video started and ended with POV. Through third party filming we were able to show the problem and show what happens with the fly. Through point of view we were able to show the product. To film a fly doing what the script says, the cameras were set-up first and the set-up of the flies was set-up second. The fly needed to fly into a “pie” and land exactly where they wanted it. After he landed, the need was to have the fly excrete its’ waste onto the food. After that shot, the journey had to proceed. The fly needed to fly away into the sky to finish the journey. Once it has left the pie, the fly had to see a person lounging at a picnic. Before the fly flew into the picnic, we had to be informed about the habits and behavior patterns of the fly. Now, the idea is to go to POV of fly. We had to get the fly to land on the man’s nose, in the right direction, turn and fly away. At that point he is attracted to the product, the “Final Flight”.

We also trained people on how to use the product. Where to put it, and where not to put it. The end result was the fly was in the product. Through simulation of pheromone, the fly believes he is going to meet some “women”. The fly lands into the trap.

Product #2:

The “Attention Getter!”
The next challenge, was how to you get people to watch the video!?!? Alongside all of the various displays of products and their presentations, what could we do to make people WANT to watch! The answer: Video Media Productions researched a device that would trigger an animated voice that sounded like the “fly” from the movie The Fly. When people walked past the booth, the sound triggered the animated a voice to exclaim, “Help me!” People had to stop, look and listen. The viewer ship was phenomenal.

Product #3:

“The Commercial”
The final challenge was creating the commercial for the product. Video Media Productions created a (30) second commercial spot that marketed the fly trap, “Final Flight”. This commercial was to create more public awareness and name-brand association. It was not designed so that people would purchase, but that they would have name brand associations. We took animated pieces, (Warner Bros.) style of animation. It had to look just like a cartoon because the target audience of this product all grew up watching the toons, Bugs, Mickey, etc. We created the same picnic scenario and made it a very humorous situational comedy.

If we know what the target audience is and you clearly define the needs, you will always win:


The end result was (3) products that were considered their entire marketing campaign. In the first month of sales, “40,000” units were sold. The “Final Flight” product was determined to be a HUGE success for the company and carried the division throughout that year. We managed to answer the question.. “How do you sell another insect trap?” Video Media Productions gained (4) Telly Awards for the products, the most prestigious 20th Anniversary Classic Telly Award and “The Communicator” Crystal Award.

Important Side Note:
Troy Biosciences was a company that made the most critical moneymaking decision when they requested Video Media to produce their products. They LISTENED to Video Media’s Director of Productions. They took the time to ask the questions and hand-off to VMP the authority and responsibility to produce, design and create the campaign.

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