No work place can afford to have accidents!
There is no better way of making the workers remember the safety rules that,
through showing visual examples! It will be custom-made to serve the needs for your particular work facility.
Below is a little fun video we did with one of our production coordinators son.
We have plenty of videos to show:
Intel Safety Video for the building of a complete facility – C12.
A complete line of Intel clean room safety videos.
Younger Bros.
Ball Ball & Bosmer
FNF Construction
and others

Below is a low rez version of a safety video done for a framing contractor Younger Bros.


This is a self promotion we did with one of our Account Reps, sons. It was a test to see how hard the TelePrompTer worked for a 6 year old.

When you have a company with employees it is your responsibility to introduce them to how to do the job safely. A safety video is a perfect way of introducing the workers in the safety issues and for the management to know that all the employees has received all the safety information. It is also is your guarantee that nothing has been left out. Often safety information is given out on paper, but many people will never read this information. 

A safety video, which can be shown in a screening room for the workers, guaranties that it has been seen and the information taken in. 

The brain remembers visualized information easier, and exemplified safety situations, helps everyone to reinsure a safer work environment. 

Employees remember the information better and the workplace runs a lower risk of accidents. 

Safety Video will:
Explain safety rules that your specific work environment needs to pay attention to.
Points out dangerous situations.
Exemplifies dangerous situations and show how to stay safe.
Shows what to do, and how to behave, if a dangerous situation occur.

We can go on and on. We have created videos for the government and all the way to the small mom and pop organization. Our Safety VIdeos have ranged from $900.00- $28,000. The range? Length
and complexity.
Some videos only need someone on camera for 10 minutes going over the procedures . The edit takes a few hours and you can have a cost effective QUALITY Safety video in 2 days.

The videos can be very cost effective at first, as long as you are putting down how and what the rules of your business. Call me and I will personally go thru this with you. We can work out a good budget for your organization.
Make your work place a safer place to work.

Montage of safety videos to music.