This trailer below is a show that we are working on this session.
A very low budget series. It is a 6 part series shot in Rawhide.
More TV show clips on the tab below : or click on

These demos were digitized in low rez as to load faster. We will be changing out these clips with higher rez clips in the near future.

Automotive Training TV Show – as well as a promotional video for My Extra Garage

SeaSilver Informercial

5 Year run 150 shows with an average marketshare of 2



commercial - winning in the cashflow biz
Infusionsoft Software Marketing Infomerical – My Extra Garage Final Flight Bug Killer Wrigley Mansion Dining Commercial Beds Direct Commercial

Video Media Productions has been doing TV since 1983.
Our first show was a real-estate show highlight homes. We were told that no one will watch it because to view a home you have to be there. Well we were the first and there have been many shows since. It is tough being on the forefront of what we do. Years later we have at least 5 -6 shows on the air highlighting real estate. can you say Home Channel?
In 1989 we started creating a show that sold items on TV. It was called Image Ave- The first of its kind. We got the idea from Johnny Carson who had segments on his show that highlighted products that were cool. We thought what if they put a phone number up.
In 1999 we were doing dance shows and one of the clients pulled out and left the state leavin us with the time that we prepaid for. We created a show called What’s Hot IN AZ. This highlighted local businesses and the cool places to visit. I thought what if i put up a web site? just put it up and see what happens.. I created a web site and tried it. 190 hits in 1 minute. They had no idea why they were going there , they just did. and this is way before the saturation of laptops. They actually had to get up from the TV and log on dial up AOL style.
Then our big one. Party Tymen Karooke – This show later was become America Idol. I will be uploading the shows this week…